For brush on repairs: Assuming that you applied our gloss clear coat, sometimes the temperature, weather conditions or method of application results in less than high gloss. First wait at least one day after the last coat of paint was applied, and then use the included polishing compound on the area, as outlined in our instructions. A final step would be to wax the area with a quality car wax. As a last resort, you can also re-coat the clear coat again, making sure enough is applied to flow and achieve that gloss finish.

For aerosol repairs: If the final clear coat appears matte or satin like, it may be due to a "dry spray" effect, which is due to the application method. Clear coat is sprayed differently than the base color which goes on in thin coats). Clear coat needs to "flow", which requires a full wet coat, which is applied with 50% overlapping strokes, with a little closer application of the nozzle, and sometimes with slower speed than you spray the paint. The trick is not to over coat it and get runs or sags. If you spray the clear coat too far away, it will dry in the air and land as dry spray, with a satin finish. Spray with strokes that are too fast or too far apart, and you'll get a similar matte or less than glossy finish. Practice on the test card or another body panel if you have one. Proper clear coat application will result in a glossy final finish.