There is an unusual characteristic of certain waterborne paints when wet. That is, they can have a blueish tint to them when viewed in the bottle, or when first applied to a test card, or your car and they are still wet.

This is especially true for black colors, like Harley Davidson Vivid Black. But it is also evident for silvers and other colors.

However, assuming the color you ordered and received is the correct color for your car, this paint will dry in about 10 minutes to the exact match of your color. 

If you received a bottle of paint that looks too blue, don't be alarmed; the first thing to do is to paint a bit on the test card, let it dry, then paint another coat, let it dry, and then hold that next to your car's finish to determine the match. Unless there is a problem with the formula (very unlikely), or your car has faded, the color will match!