Optimal humidity for painting is under 50% Relative Humidity. In some locations, higher humidity persists constantly depending on the season. Depending on how high your humidity is, this can make dry times very long. In extreme cases, you will have to wait for a lower humidity to successfully apply the paint.
Here are some tips when applying paint by brush or aerosol
  1. Make sure you apply medium to light coats, not heavy coats.
  2. You can help dehydrate the paint after application by blowing air across the wet paint. Don't blow air directly on the paint, rather arrange it to blow air across the painted surface at an angle. It does not need to be high speed air...the low setting on a fan works great.
  3. ALWAYS use a test card, both to check color match, AND to see what your dry times are. For example, it might take you an hour to dry each coat, instead of the normal 10 minutes.
  4. Once you have clear coated the paint, make sure it is dry to the touch, then wait 12 hours before driving in the rain.
  5. If you are spraying a large area that is going to be exposed to rain or snow, we recommend you wait a full 48 hours before driving in those conditions.
  6. Wait at least 72 hours before washing the car by hand.
  7. Wait at least 30 days before using a machine car wash.
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